Dr Nicole Redlich - Clinical Psychologist
Dr Nicole Redlich
Clinical Psychologist
BBSc (Hons), DPsych (Clinical), MAPS
Dr Nicole Redlich is Clinical Psychologist with a Doctorate of Clinical Psychology. She has nearly 20 years’ experience working in both private and public mental health settings and works with adults, couples, children, adolescents, parents and families. Nicole is an APRHA Board approved Clinical supervisor and Australian Psychological Society member. She holds a lecturer and supervisor position in the Clinical Psychology Program at Swinburne University. Her style is authentic, empathic and respectful. Nicole assists individuals with a range of concerns and issues including:

  • Mood (Depression) and Anxiety
  • Phobias, Obsessional Compulsive Behaviours, Panic anxiety
  • Adjustment to Stressful Life, Bereavement, Grief and Loss
  • Eating disorders (Bulimia, Body image, Binge eating)
  • Post traumatic Stress and Growth Post Trauma and Adversity
  • Substance issues and addictive behaviours (Alcohol, other)
  • Relationship and parenting issues, Pregnancy support (Post-Natal mood and adjustment issues)
  • Child and adolescent social, emotional and behavioural issues
  • Personal Issues including; self-esteem, career, communication skills, anger management